Vocational Training Center

The project was realized in the year January 2014, after many home visit that we did through pastoral care office, the daily struggle with basic needs was realized in many home we visited and the pastoral team concluded there was different environment between the school and home environment and for the school to achieve their goals conducive environment both in school and home its very important.

It is through this survey the parent's empowerment program was born to make a difference through self-reliance and sustainable programs. The daily struggle that parents go through due to lack of employment and low level of education undermines them the very basic needs which every family should access. The program aimed at uplifting social economic lives of the parents

We are geared towards family outreach training. We identified vulnerable parents take them through different session like drugs addiction, Hiv & Aids awareness, nutrition, climate change, family planning, table banking, business plan & business management. In case special case is realized we enroll the individual to our counselling program where we work in partnership with professional counselors from Embul- bul counseling center.

Vocational Training Center

Effective and efficient eradication of poverty is founded on the level of knowledge and skills acquired. This will be achieved through training on different skills to promote self-reliance. We are committed to promote technical skills such as

  • Table banking (Group dynamics)
  • Tailoring, Dress making & fashion and design
  • Embroidery
  • Hair dressing & Beauty Therapy
  • Catering skills