Traditional classroom teaching is not entirely sufficient for the overall development of the modern day student. ERCEC co-curricular activities fills the missing gaps and creates an interesting niche for the child. While traditional classrooms are generally designed to dvelop a child's theoretical knowledge, the other aspects of learning such as moral develoment, social development, creative development, civic development, emotional and physical development of the child are greatly enhanced by co-curricular activities.


At ERCEC, we aim to provide a broad and balanced physical education programme with a carefully nurtured balance between performance and participation. We also aim to encourage pupil's skills and talents in the area of sports while offering them opportunities to certain sports they may never access.

Drama & Music


We believe drama helps to develop confidence, team building skills and lays the foundation for a life-long enjoyment of the Arts. The students are also introduced to story-making techniques and enjoy creating many short plays of their own during Speech and Drama sessions. All of these activities contribute to building their confidence and imagination.

ERCEC offers broad range of clubs and activities which develop and nurture skills talent and develops confidence in our learners. Some of the clubs are: SCAD, YCS, Journalism, Edmund Rice JPC, Scouts, Drama and Maths Club.